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Why Should My Small Business Invest in a Website?

So, you have just started a brand new, shiny business, but it is still early days and you are focusing a lot of time and effort on trying to grab the attention of new potential customers – who you know are crying out for your expertise – if only they knew you were there!

People in the UK spend around 8 hours a day online (talk about a captive audience!) and so having an online presence is essential for any business. The majority of people will automatically go straight to the Internet to search for local business services, everything from Beauty Therapists and Hairdressers to Cafes, Restaurants and Accountants, a Search Engine is usually the first port of call.

And, why is this?

Because in today’s modern, fast-paced life, people want quick solutions and a website can provide a fast and effective way to identify your business’ presence, and provide contact details for the next stage of engagement.

I’m a Freelancer – Do I need a Website?

In a competitive market, even freelancers can hugely benefit from investing in a simple website – even just a page of key information about you and the services you offer will help to raise your profile and increase your credibility. People want to hire people they can trust, and a website is a great place to put customer reviews and ratings to help with this.

I Don’t Have the Technical Skills to Build and Maintain a Website!

There are lots of easy to use tools out there to help people who don’t have any prior knowledge or skills to build and maintain their own website. It may take a little bit more time to go through, but the rewards will be worth it.

If you do decide that this is just not something you can do for yourself – we can do this for you. Even if you just decide to go for a 1 page website with short key information about yourself, you have just given your business an extra step forward in reaching a whole new target audience.

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