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The Benefits of Spending Time Thinking About Branding

When you are dealing with the practical logistics of setting up a small business, such as registering with HMRC, opening a business bank account, purchasing website domain names and setting up email addresses, many people just initially decide to design a logo and print some business cards, thinking that this will be enough to start with. However, the importance of spending some time thinking about company branding should not be overlooked. In fact, many of the largest companies in the world have built their success on the power of their brand.

So, why is branding important?

The first reason is that by designing a brand, and incorporating the branding into the design of all your marketing collateral and social media, you are creating a unique image, and are providing yourself with a way to differentiate yourselves from the competition. Your company logo will probably be one of the first parts of your branding that you design. Make sure that it is professionally designed and memorable. It will also probably be one of the first things potential customers will notice, so it should also give the desired impression of your company, and be able to be incorporated on to a variety of platforms.

By creating and incorporating company branding into your business collateral, you are also delivering a consistent image to your customers – meaning that you are instantly recognisable in the market. If your products or services are perceived as being of high quality, the associated branding will then create an increase in the level of trust - and will ultimately result in an enhanced customer perception of your brand value.

Some examples of the ways that branding can be used to increase visibility included:

- Branded website - Branded flyers and brochure - Branded stationary - Branded free gifts

Even if you are just starting off with a small business, getting your branding in place from the start means that you will portray a consistent and identifiable image – and will instantly allow your existing, or potential, customers to link a business need they may have, with your company.

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