• Dawn

5 Reasons To Start Using Marketing and Branding In 2020

1. It brings clients through the door

The first thing we all do these days when looking for a new service is to consult the internet. Without an online presence, the chances are that newcomers will not be aware of your services. Worse still, they will see the websites of your competitors and go with them.

2. It keeps you at the front of people’s minds

With ever-increasing competition it’s a good idea to keep yourself in the front of people’s minds. If they never hear from you and all the businesses like yours are out in force, attracting attention to themselves, it makes it less likely that clients will head to you.

3. It tells everyone who you are and what you do

The combination of a website and social media allow you to display your business to potential customers. We all want to know what we’re getting into when we go somewhere new!

4. It keeps your customers up to date

Currently, services and procedures can change at the drop of a hat. If you want to reach your customers quickly, there really is no better way than via social media.

5. It can get you feedback

Let your customers sing your praises! Nothing you can say will sell your services as well as a good set of reviews from your adoring public!

What can BYOB do for you?

We can work together with you to come up with branding to reflect you as a business and to appeal to your current client base while being attractive to new people. For smaller businesses, a strong brand identity positions you in the mind of your customer as providing quality worth paying for.

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